Stable Moments Mentor

Evidence suggests that the single most effective way to build resilience in children with complex trauma needs, is one, consistent, long-term relationship with a healthy adult. Ending the foster care crisis begins with each individual child - meeting them where they are, understanding their experience, and developing their self-worth, sense of purpose, decision making, executive functioning and self-regulation skills. Stable Moments® is a 10-month, weekly mentorship program where long lasting, healthy relationships are formed, and life skills are developed that foster healthy transitions into adulthood.


Mentors are our superheroes volunteers who choose to invest one hour a week, 4 times a month, for 10 months into the life of one child. 


Fill out an application

All Mentors are required to get a National background check. Mentors will be responsible for the cost. If you decide to continue mentoring after the first 10 months, then any following checks will be covered by the Ranch.

Complete 4 hours of online training. (Cost is covered)

Complete onsite training. (Cost is covered) (Includes Dinner)

Agree and sign a Code of Conduct form and waiver.