Ranch Hand Program

In Development

This is a special program where kids, from the ages of 12-17, may have the opportunity to work on the ranch from a few hours a week, part-time, or full time. The time permitted is dependent on age, law and parental consent as well as time of year.

Our ranch hand program is a great opportunity for teens to learn many different life skills such as: responsibility, integrity, work ethic, leadership, team work, good character, self esteem, etc.

These skills are developed through typical ranch work like mucking stalls, lawn care, animal care, projects, gardening, etc. They will have the opportunity to earn Ranch Bucks which can be traded in at the snack shop,  for different prizes, or cash. This gives these teens a chance to experience having a job that will help them be prepared to enter the workforce when age appropriate. It also gives them a sense of pride in buying things with the Ranch Bucks or cash that they earned themselves. They will also get the experience of learning how to save, write checks and deposit slips, create and follow a budget, set goals and achieve them, and so much more. Ranch Hands will also have the opportunity to earn raises.